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This is a guideline of summer internship for Çankaya University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science students.

The summer internship should consist of one period with a minimum of 20 consecutive working days. It  should be completed at the end of the fourth semester or  at the end of the sixth semester.

For 2014 summer internship a candidate should:

  • apply to an organization in any field of Mathematics and Computer Science for summer internship.
  • complete all the necessities required by the organization such as safety document, compulsory internship paper, etc.
  • receive an acceptance paper from the organization where he/she intend to take internship.
  • submit the acceptance paper to the internship coordinators by fax or hand until the last week  of classes .
  • submit satisfactory information about the prospective workplace to Summer Internship Coordinators.
  • obtain an approval before starting the summer internship.
  • be aware of the risk of taking internship at an unapproved institution (in such a case his/her internship is not accepted by the department)
  • take the student evaluation form from the coordinators before begining internship.


For 2012 summer internship an intern should:

  • give the student evaluation form to the autorized person who is responsible from him/her in the internship place.
  • ask for autorized person to fill student evaluation form during internship. Autorized person must give the form back to student in a closed envelope at the end of the internship.
  • perform his/her duties in a professional manner.
  • prepare internship report according to the report format rules. (See the “REPORT FORMAT”   Tab)
  • submit his/her report with the student evaluation form until deadline