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  • What an internship is and is not?

An internship is an opportunity to work with a public, private or govermental organization for a fixed period of time. It is not getting credit for a regular job that you already hold or are about to start. Under no circumstances will you be allowed internship credit for your existing employment. An internship also is not getting credit for sharpening pencils, getting coffee, etc. However there may be some routine office work as part of most internships, just as routine office work is part of most jobs.


  • Who is responsible for an internship?

All Mathematics and Computer Science students have to take internship. The summer internship should consist of one period with a minimum of 20 consecutive working days. It  should be completed at the end of the fourth semester or  at the end of the sixth semester.


  • How do you get an internship?

It is your responsibility to find where you take internship. If you do not find a company to take internship there, then you may take internship in Çankaya University under supervision of an instructor (This must be your last option!)


  • What are your responsibilities?

As an intern, you are expected to perform your duties in a professional manner. If you are experiencing any problems during your internship, you must report these immediately to internship coordinators.


  • How can you change your internship place?

As though you already submitted an acceptance paper of a company to us, you can take your internship in a different company by submitting an acceptance paper from new company until the last day of submitting acceptance paper to internship coordinators. You are also responsible to inform the previous company about the situation.


  • Do you take internship in different places such as 10-day-internship in firm A and 10-day-internship in firm B?

Unfortunately it is not possible