This format reflects a project report format, but, of course, you do not have to participate to a project as a member during your internship. At the end of the internship, a report must be prepared and submitted by mentioning the followings:


  • What did you do in your internship? ( Explain, comment and discuss your internship )
  • What kind of gain(s) did you obtain from this internship? What is/are your positive or negative thoughts about it?
  • In which organization did you take internship? (Talk about the organization, organizational climate, processes, vs.)
  • What is your opinion about the work done (e.g. web hosting, network installation, program development,teaching,  etc.) by the organization? Comment and discuss it.

Your report must be written by considering the rules and the format given below.

  1. The report should be a maximum of 5 pages in length using single line spacing (Excluding Appendix part).
  2. The report must be in English and typed.
  3. Page margins should be as follows: Top: 2,5cm. Bottom: 2cm. Left: 2,5cm. Right: 2cm. (Include bottom-centered page numbers!)
  4. Each report should contain the following sections with the specific format properties:P.S. You can put table, graphics, and programming codes to the appendix part of your report.


The title of the project will be written with Times New Roman 14 in size and using bold characters. Project title should reflect the nature of the work. Therefore it should be carefully chosen. The title should not be too long, only the most important words should be chosen for the title.Abstract
The word ‘Abstract’ should not be used after the Title. Three-blank-line space should be given between the Title and the text of the Abstract. Abstract of the project will describe briefly the project itself, and mention the method(s) used in the project, and should point the most important results, conclusions. The author should omit details in this part. The abstract should not be longer than 150 words. The text part of the project should be typed using Times New Roman font with 12 point size.

Introduction subtitle should be placed far left of the line as seen above, and written with Times New Roman 14 in size and using bold characters. Two-blank-line spaces (as above) should be given between the text of the abstract and the word ‘Introduction’. Introduction can be viewed as an extended abstract. In addition it should include the background information related to the project. In the background part the author should mention the most important work(s) in this field, and their important contributions. These works will be referenced in the text as [1]. The number of the references will be in order, i.e., the first reference will be referred to as [1]. The second one as [2] etc.
The introduction section should not be longer than 1.5 pages. In short, the introduction contains background information, relation to the present project, and the goal of the project.

Methods / Experiments
This section includes detailed description of the methods or techniques used in the project. If any modeling is developed, this should be discussed clearly. The total number of pages should not be longer than 2 pages. If any work is cited in this section, it should also be numbered accordingly.

Results and Discussions
Results of the Project should be clearly stated, and discussed. Results should be compared with the other relevant works if available, and they should be cited in the text as mentioned. Length of this section should not be longer than 2.5 pages.
This Section should include the importance of the work, and what else can be done along this line (extension of this project). Summary will not be longer than half a page.

References list includes the cited works in the Project, e.g., if the cited reference is from a book, then the format: name(s) of the author(s), Title of the book, Editor of the book (if there is any), publisher, where it is published, and publication year. For example;
[1] Ceren Çalışkan ve Edanur Bayam, History of Mathematics, Hitit Publishing, Ankara (2001).
[2] …,
[3] …,
If the cited work is from a journal, then, name(s) of the author(s), journal name, volume number, page number, year of publication;
[1] Ceren Çalışkan ve Edanur Bayam, Applied Mathematics Letters, Vol. 24,7, Page 1046-1050 (2011).


5. The reports are evaluated on a satisfactory (S) / unsatisfactory (U) basis. An unsatisfactory grade is taken in the following cases:
i. If the “Student Evaluation Form” is not submitted to the internship coordinators by the deadline (i.e. until the end of the second week of the new semester).

P.S. It is the student’s responsibility to have this form returned to the internship coordinators.
ii. If the “Internship Report” is not submitted to the internship coordinators by the deadline (i.e. until the end of the second week of the new semester).
iii. If the report does not satisfy the requirements and quality of an internship report.

P.S. In case of (iii), the report is returned to the student for rewriting in 2 weeks and will be reevaluated. Both old and rewritten reports should be submitted. The student who received a (U) grade in the course have to repeat the summer internship in the following summer.